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October 24, 2008

Stella Winter Tour '08!

I am pleased to announce the Stella Winter Tour '08. Yes, Stella is back for a limited time!

Come see Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain as they dress in suits and take to the stage to perform together for the first time in a long time. (I could check to see how long but that would require me taking the time to do that and I am far too busy preparing for this tour to do that.)

If you've never seen Stella before, then you are in a for real treat. There's a lot of banter, potty talk, and making fun of David. Plus, we'll probably bicker!!!

In addition, there is a very good chance there will be a BRAND NEW STELLA VIDEO!

Here are the dates:

ov 30: PHILADELPHIA - Keswick Theater
Dec 2: WASHINGTON DC - Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
Dec 5: CHICAGO - The Vic (tickets not yet on sale)
Dec 7: CLEVELAND - House of Blues
Dec 9: NEW YORK - Nokia Theater
Dec 10: NEW YORK - Nokia Theater
Dec 11: BOSTON - Wilbur Theater
Dec 12: SAN FRANCISCO - UC Berkeley (tickets not yet on sale)

We hope to see you there. And if you can't make it, that's okay. We still love you.



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firsties! hopefully i get front row tix to the chicago show... i'll wear my raincoat so i don't get my clothes dirty from splattered produce!!!


awww why do you have to be in boston 5 days before i come back :( maybe make an l.a. stop in january once i am back for school?? please?


Good for you boys! Let me be the first (in a long string I'll bet) to gripe that you are not coming anywhere near my particular corner of the country. Nuts to you! Still, hooray for Stella and all those lucky bastards in Philedelphia, DC, Chicago, Cleveland, NY, Boston, and San Fran. Lucky lucky bastards. At least you're on my continent (poor Therese). Congrats!!


I am SO fucking there Dec. 5th!!!!!!!


No LA?!!


You boys are so adorable, by the way. That needed saying.


How about a world tour? You have fans in Stockholm that would love to see Stella live. (I'm almost tempted to fly to NY or Boston to catch one of your shows.)


Fuck yeah, Boston! I can't wait!!

You look great in that pic, btw.

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See you at the show!


I know a girl who is going to be very pissed about this. Me? I'm all too happy! Go on sale tickets! I'm gunna get me some of those.


holy craaaaap you're going to DC!!! and its going to be in a synagogue even better! can't wait

me again

Right on Wandie and Jaime. I think Black is the adorablest of all the Stellas.


Yeah, where's your LA stop? (not Louisiana)


You're going to chicago on my birthday. Too bad I live in MA. I'll try my very very best to get to the one in boston. (Try Worcester next time. kthx) If not I'll be sure to try and see your next stella episode.


Atlanta! Do it...


Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you.


Michael, I am you're biggest fan and you are not stopping in my hometown of Atlanta nor my place of study in LA. Are you avoiding me?


No LA...

Why must you hate Southern California?


San Francisco isn't Berkeley! We have to pay a whole 3 dollars and some odd cents to take BART (no one in San Francisco actually has a car.) all the way to Berkeley and then trek like a bunch of retarded hippies to your to be announced venue. You should just perform in my apartment. I can guarantee at least 2 attendees-- me and my cat.


I'll be there Dec. 5th!! My very first Stella show- can't wait!!!

Mark Garcia

I will be there December 10. If i feel like it...

that stoner kid

See you on the 5th, lover boy.


I just screamed. Thanks for making my life fantastic!

me again

See, you have a lot of SoCal support. We all know this place is shitty, but shittier than Cleveland? That hurts.


please come to portland

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