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April 01, 2008

Number 13 With a Bullet!

"Run Fatboy Run" opened this weekend to mixed reviews, and while the reviews may not have been unanimous, the public's reaction was; they stayed away in droves. We opened at number 13. I think we narrowly beat out "Norbit" this week, which has been open for three years. Why people didn't want to see a movie starring a largely unknown British comedian running a marathon I don't know, but I will say this: if you haven't seen it yet (and if you're anything like the country as a whole, you haven't), check it out. It's a very fun, sweet movie. In fact, it's so good, that I can recall seeing only one review with the headline, "Run, Don't Walk, Away From This Movie."

Yes, it's been a banner week for me.

On the plus side, I am feeling much better. My Ebola seems to have passed, although my voice is kind of ragged, which may or may not make me sound even sexier than normal. Squeakier? Definitely. Sexier? Not sure.

I know I still haven't reported on the premiere. Suffice to say it was fun and I met the "Flight of the Conchord" guys, who seemed genuinely nice and even more genuinely New Zealandish. Embarrassing story: before the movie started I introduced myself to Jermaine, the one with the lips, by saying, "Hi, I'm Michael. I wrote this movie." He said something something like, "Great," which is pretty much what I would have said had our roles been reversed. Then I said, "I'm a big fan. I just saw your movie... uh..." and then I couldn't think of the name of the movie. Chances are he knew which movie I was talking about, since I think he's only been in one ("Eagles Vs. Shark") but it's embarrassing to introduce yourself by saying that you are a big fan of their work and then being unable to actually name the work of which you are a big fan. He was very gracious about it. By that, I mean he quickly walked away from me.

Other fun memories: Thandie Newton having no idea who I am, David Schwimmer introducing me as the guy who "wrote the first draft" of the screenplay, and having to listen to the publicist explain to the paparazzi who I was every five minutes. On the plus side: free mini-burgers at the party!!!


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I thought Simon Pegg was fairly well known over in the US after Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Maybe Nick Frost should have been the literal Fatboy...

Number 1 in the UK, but only number 13 in the US? Yet another blatant opportunity for me to drop massive hints about you forsaking the land that doesn't understand or appreciate you, for a tiny rainswept island joined to Europe by a tunnel.

Glad you're feeling better. If your voice is affected it sounds like the same illness sweeping these parts has gone global.

I take it Thandie Newton wasn't on set when you were, or she'd have remembered you. Or she was just messing with your head. Or has amnesia. Or was too drunk to focus on you.

Anonymity with the Paps is surely a good thing...


Being super famous would probably make you lame anyways.

Ethereal Zoe

If it's any consolation, US Weekly thought the movie was very smartly written and gave it 3 stars. I'm not sure of your opinion of US Weekly journalistically, but hey, at least they have taste in movies.

Also, the good part about it being so amazing popular in Britain is that they will inevitably want to remake it for American audiences within the next 2 years. Then they can just use your original script, cast Jack Black as the lead, and you can watch the moolah roll in for hard work you've already done.

Hmm. Actually it might be Philip Seymour Hoffman by that time, but then you'll be a shoe-in for the Oscar for best screenplay. Win-win!


Everyone leaving the theater was talking about how much they laughed and liked the movie. I think you did a great job.
I saw the Flight of the Concord guys leaning against the wall before the movie started and could only think how very hairy they seemed.
Did you get to meet the guys from Little Britain, David Wallaims and Matt Lucas?


P.S. how about a sound clip of the sexy laryngitis voice? You can easily make one in Quicktime...


I can totally empathize with the whole meeting-someone-whose-work-you-admire-and-getting-tongue-tied thing. If I promised to not ask you to make love to the camera would you come back to Kansas/Missouri? The people may not be as swanky or plastic-laden as L.A. but I guarantee you'll have a much easier time reading the audience faces.


his name is jemaine, not jermaine, by the way.


Now listen here, nevermind the naysayers! Your true fans will enjoy this film. It's a bit of a departure from what we are used to from you, but very well done nonetheless. Everyone in the theater I went to was laughing quite heartily, including myself. Who doesn't love a romantic comedy with lovable and identifiable characters? No one, that's who (unless they don't have a heart, and therefore shouldn't be alive).

In any case, I'm glad you're feeling better now and are back in the blogging spirit. Keep it up, please!

P.S. I'm sure Jemaine Clement appreciated your comment (he's probably just shy, mate).


regardless of which draft, your movie was great! bits of your brainchild, that is, did not go unnoticed.
... and good to know that the guy i will most likely make an arse of myself over has his moments too! :)


Wow! David Schwimmer is my new arch enemy.


Schwimmer is a dickface. I knew it.

jack roberts

Im looking forward to running to the theater to see this pic. I loved hot fuzz and shaun of the dead and think simon to be a laff riot. in truth i'm more likely to skip to the theater seeing as though its chelsea. im also curious to see an old high school classmate's words in the mouth's of others. congrads on getting this made!!!


First draft author? I have nothing to do with nothing and my ears felt like they were on fire when I read that. Your script. Your story. Your baby. Not something that had to be re-written for entertainment sake, horrible grammar, or boring story line. Tweaked to make "British". What a _ _ _ _ _ _ fucker!

We saw RFBR over the w/e and enjoyed it immensely. We laughed hard, and those around us laughed hard, too. You should be very proud.

Thanks for sharing the Jemaine, (the one with the big lips), story, pard. Little known fact that I want to share. If you put the two of you next to each other, I'm telling you right now, you have the same curvy wurvy puffy wuffy Elvis-esque lippage as Jemaine..only his are SUPERSIZED! Some people know my myspace - check out a large pic of Jemaine on my profile page if you don't believe me. I'm RIGHT ON with this observation. (And I sooooooo love to be RIGHT ON.) So there but for the grace of God, and a bunch of botox lip injections, go you, brother Black. And it's all good. Both sets of lips are imo ::kissing fingers::

Enough of that. This is a family show.

Next time you go to a Premiere, and there will be a next time, not only will Thandie Newton know your name, but so will all those rodent faced cameramen.

So it shall be written, so it shall be done.


As long as Renee mentioned comparisons, I'm thinking that the Aussie on American Idol(Michael Johns) is a mix of Michael Black and Jim Morrison.


"a mix of Michael Black and Jim Morrison."

Thanks to that visual, Cam, my ovaries just exploded.


I saw the movie over the weekend. I thought it was hilarious at the beginning, but kind of felt that it drug on toward the end. In the words of Mitch Hedburg: Comedy can't be like pancakes, all exciting at first, but by the end you're sick of 'em!

Of course, my own sense of humor is much more in line with Stella and Wet Hot than RomComs. I can definitely see this movie appealing to "America" more than much of your previous work.

That being said, many congratulations on your first big movie, being relatively unknown at you own premiere, being a decent poker player, and being hilarious in general.


Thandie who?

Is she in moving pictures?


i must agree with previous comments: david schwimmer is clearly a total dick.

ah, forget 'em. they paid you, right? and at least they didn't rename it "a day at the races" or something stupid like that. just be comfortable in the knowledge that you are the only one who did any real, original, creative work and the rest of them are just hacks riding on your talent.

i haven't actually seen the movie yet, but i PROMISE i will [this weekend, most likely]. then i will come back here and tell you i liked it. even if i didn't. because i'm a good friend.


I actually saw Run, Fatboy, Run, and I can honestly say that it is one of the best, most well-rounded film I have ever seen. Which, you might think I don't see a lot of films, but I do, so my opinion is obviously very important. the film was funny, touching, and there was a spot of gross-out humour which was cringe-inducingly hilarious. I dragged my friends with me, even though they didn't know who was in it, and they enjoyed it as well. I look forward to more of your movies!


so didnt know you WROTE this movie!!! Now i defs need to buy this movie


GFG. Do you people still come here every day?! Tell me you're all related to Michael.

Anyway, was watching "I Love the New Millenium," and it suddenly occurred to me that it had been awhile since I had sent some e-hate about how tired Michael's whole preening cultural carper act has become. Halfway through mentally scripting my note of disgust, Michael's whispered, parenthetical definition of "urban" (was this 2004?) had me on the floor--admittedly I was a bit drunk. Touche, Mr. Black.

David Schwimmer? If he's directing, I guess it's true that his people run Hollywood. You know, douche bags.

Kudos on scoring Azaria, though. I'd think he'd be booked solid playing the guy that steals women from Ben Stiller.

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